Why a Christian Elementary School?


Laying the Foundation


Solid foundations are established in the Harford Christian elementary school program. The principal subjects of math, science, language arts, history and Bible are taught by a team of passionate faculty. Recognizing the need for balance, the main curriculum is enhanced with music, art, physical education, information technology, foreign language and library; rounding out an enriching elementary package. These enhancements are taught by specialist teachers on staff.



Our elementary students are reminded that their gifts and abilities are from God and that the glory from their accomplishments belongs to Him. Integrity and accountability are emphasized early in the child’s educational experience. Our clearly defined, loving discipline provides a safe learning environment that is free from distraction.

Spelling, grammar and penmanship still matter at Harford Christian. Sixth grade is still embraced in the elementary program.



Fine Arts Instruction

Private music lessons may be contracted during the school day. Piano instruction begins as early as 1st grade and other instrument instruction is offered by music specialists. Bands, vocal choirs and bell choirs are a vital part of the balanced program offered to HCS elementary students.







Mind and Body

By sixth grade, a full offering of interscholastic athletics are available in fall, winter and the spring. Athletics at HCS are uniquely tied to a rich and successful heritage while playing in our own Christian school conference, as well as competing with many public and private schools in our region.  Athletics are viewed as a means to an end and not an end in themselves. Able and caring coaches stress sportsmanship along with skill development.

Harford Christian School is a private Christian school in Darlington, serving Baltimore County, Cecil County and Harford County, Maryland as well as Southern PA