The Harford Christian Kindergarten K4 & K-5 Program.

The First Years Are Important Ones!

lois-student-for-webThe choice of your child’s early education is vitally important.  Harford Christian partners with parents in the important responsibility of training children in God’s truth. We provide a friendly, nurturing environment for these little ones filled with wholesome fun and positive experiences.  Through celebrations and festive theme days, complete with decorations, special treats and dress up opportunities, we make warm and lasting first memories.

 Fun with Purpose 

“Experiential learning” describes the busy environment of the Harford Christian kindergarten program. To set a positive tone and establish learning momentum early childhood educational experiences must be “fun with purpose.” The pre-school program (K-4) is characterized by relevant hands-on learning activities that grow the attention span and make the first school experience exciting.


Our beautiful, rural campus provides many opportunities for exploration and discovery. Engaged and caring faculty guide wide-eyed students through their first encounters with God’s wonderful world.

Dynamic Curriculum

The Harford Christian kindergarten (K-5) program moves the students through yet another dynamic curriculum as they prepare for the 1st grade. Field trips and specialist instruction in library, physical education, music and foreign language enhance the kindergarten experience and lay an academic foundation for the future. Both pre-school and kindergarten programs are AM programs (1/2 day through 12:00 noon).

Morning and Afternoon Enrichment

For families that need a full day option, morning and afternoon enrichment is available.

Special Facilities

The June McKnight Kindergarten Center is the newest building on campus and offers spacious instructional areas with restrooms in each classroom. Pre-school and kindergarten students also receive library, physical education, music and foreign language instruction from specialty area teachers.  A spacious outdoor recreation area and playground provide plenty of room for movement exploration.  The basement area is finished and offers a large area for movement activities during inclement weather.

Christian Kindergarten

 Harford Christian School is a private Christian school in Darlington, serving Baltimore County, Cecil County and Harford County, Maryland as well as Southern Pennsylvania