Homeschool Opportunities

Homeschooler Opportunities 

By God’s kind providence Harford Christian School is enjoying a 50-year celebration this coming school year.  A full and diverse offering of courses and extracurricular activities are the very reason that many home-schooling families have explored opportunities at HCS for their children. Call our school office to request a brochure (410) 457-5103.


A strong Christian and biblical worldview curriculum emphasizes developing young people to serve the kingdom of God, not the global agenda of men.  Rather than the evolutionary/naturalist approach to science, we embrace the Genesis six-day account of creation and God’s miraculous and sovereign rule over the affairs of men and nations.  Rather than revisionist history, our Christian heritage is emphasized.  Rather than vesting in a Common Core, our “core” is frankly very “uncommon.”  Advanced courses in math such as Pre-Calculus, Calculus, SAT Math Prep, and Accounting I and II are complimented by science offerings such as Chemistry I and II, Biology I and II, Physiology, Physics, and Environmental Science.  Our top notch English and Foreign Languages program have enabled many of our graduates to CLEP for college credit.

Fine Arts: 

HCS remains committed to the arts.  Exceptional programs in piano, vocal, concert band, speech and drama, and art are hallmarks of HCS for God’s glory.


Athletics at HCS serve as a means to an end and not an end in themselves.  It is rightly said the “adversity reveals what is in the man.”  Sportsmanship, character development, and learning the value of hard work are on the short-list of goals for HCS athletics.

HCS is a carefully supervised environment where wholesome activity and communication are expected, where classroom learning is distraction free, and where Christian values and standards are embraced.  We may very well be a “perfectly fitting puzzle piece” for your family.

To explore homeschooling opportunities at HCS please contact Principal Bryan Wilson at  Any homeschooling student who is enrolled in one or more courses at HCS is granted full access to the extracurricular academic, fine arts, and sports programs of HCS.  A complete academic course schedule is available for you to view.

For information on the HCS Homeschool Umbrella click on the image below.

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